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We Serve Up Tennis Reviews To Help Improve Your Game


Tennis Kicks was started out of a lifelong obsession with (what we believe is) the greatest game the world has ever seen – tennis. Our vision is to help you love tennis more and more each day, by helping you improve your game and incrementally get better and better results on the court.


Be The Best Player You Can Be


Even as a recreational tennis player, we believe the most gratifying experience in the world is becoming better at your sport.


…And having some equipment with excellent court-appeal doesn’t hurt!


The way to do both of those things is to surround yourself with the highest quality information about tennis that you can find. Tennis Kicks is meant to deliver it all to you on a silver platter.


We Strive for Stellar Tennish Shoe Reviews, News, and More


Our goal is not only exploring the various tennis shoe brands but finding which could give you a competitive advantage.

Our site will continue delivering exceptionally thorough reviews into tennish shoes for men and women. Plus, an exploration into the other equipment we think could offer a better experience.

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