A Complete Review of the New Balance Women’s Clay Court 996 V3

New Balance Women's

Tennis is a very active and physical game. You’re moving fast in all directions, so you need your footwear to be able to keep up with you. You must invest in proper shoes designed for use on tennis courts so you can perform your absolute best.

There certainly is no shortage of choices for tennis sneakers or brands that manufacture them. How do you know if the brand of shoe you’re considering will help you in your matches?

There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing the best tennis shoe. You’ll need to look at the durability, stability, responsiveness of the midsole, and the materials used to construct the shoe. 

New Balance is a company that’s well-known for its sports footwear and apparel manufacturing. Whether you’re a tennis player, runner, cyclist, or hiker, this company has options for you. 

Today we’re reviewing the New Balance Women’s Clay Court 996 V3 to determine if it’s the right choice for you. We’ve taken the mechanics of the shoe into account and looked at feedback from people who already own this product. Let’s see what it has to offer.  


The outsole is comprised of New Balance’s Ndurance technology. This tech provides a durable rubber compound on the bottom of the shoe. The rubber is placed strategically on the outsole to provide the maximum amount of durability in the areas that need it the most. 

You may be wondering why New Balance chose to make these shoes specifically for clay court use. Sure, you can wear your hard court tennis shoes to the clay court and still play a decent game. But, you can also hammer a nail with a steak knife. Your hard court shoes can get the job done, but some options will work better.  

The outsole of clay-court shoes typically has a zigzag tread pattern, and these shoes are no exception to that rule. This tread design is specifically chosen as it won’t allow the clay to become lodged in the outsole. You’ll be able to grip better when you’re starting, stopping and switching directions on a dime.

If you do happen to get clay crammed in the outsole, a quick tap with your racquet will be all it needs to dislodge itself.


The midsole of the Clay 996V3 is made from New Balance’s REVlite material. This innovative foam cushioning is perfect for tennis players. It provides the same level of responsiveness and durability that’s found in much heavier foam midsoles. 

REVlite is a lightweight material that doesn’t minimize the amount of underfoot cushioning or stability. 

New Balance also outfitted this shoe with its PROBANK technology.  This tech comes in very handy during swift lateral movements, of which you’ll be making many during your tennis games. PROBANK helps to secure the optimal positioning of the midsole to provide the most stability possible. 


A knit textile upper provides a soft in-shoe feel that will keep you comfortable on the tennis court. There are synthetic overlays present in the upper to help hug your foot and keep it in place no matter what direction you’re moving. 

The tongue and collar are both padded for extra comfort. Meanwhile, the lace-up closure allows you to control how tight (or loose) of a fit you’d prefer. 

The fabric lining of the shoe is breathable meaning you won’t have to deal with sweaty and wet feet regardless of how hard you’re working on the court. 

Color Options

If you prefer something other than your standard black sneakers, you’ll love the look of the Clay 996V3. They come in a color that New Balance calls “white peach with pigment.” This color provides consumers with light pink shoes that have navy detailing.

If you prefer a more subdued design, you may wish to look elsewhere. There are plenty of white shoes for women that can help your performance on the tennis court. 


These New Balance women’s shoes provide an unparalleled amount of stability and support. You’ll love how they move with you while you’re on the court regardless of what direction you’re going and how fast you’re going there. 

There were some concerns from current users regarding the break-in period. These shoes do seem to require your patience in order to break them in. We recommend wearing them around the home and to a couple of practice games before wearing them for any serious tennis matches. 


Some current wearers of these shoes suggest that the tread wore down quickly. This is typically a bad thing, making the shoe less grippy on the court. In the case of the Clay Court 996 V3, users found that the premature wearing down of the tread actually helped increase the shoe’s grip. 

If you do find issues with the rubber outsole of this product, New Balance provides a six-month limited warranty guarantee.


These are a very comfortable pair of tennis shoes once they’ve been broken in. Though the midsole is very lightweight, most players find these to be incredibly comfortable. 

They are available in standard and wide widths, making them an excellent option for women who need that extra width for comfort. 

Pros of the Clay Court 996 V3

  • Very stable
  • Provides a lot of support
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear once they’ve been broken in

Cons of the Clay Court 996 V3

  • Long break-in period 
  • The exterior may break down quickly if you’re a toe dragger

Are the New Balance Women’s Clay Court 996 V3 Worth the Investment? 

We think so, yes. There were some concerns about the longer-than-usual break-in period, but if you can overlook that, we believe they’re worth a try.

If you’re interested in these shoes, you can find it on Amazon here. 

If you’re still not sure if these New Balance women’s shoes are best for you, be sure to contact us. We’ll be able to help you make the most informed decision possible, so you excel at your next match. 

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