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There are many skills in the tennis professional’s arsenal -- physical fitness, mental toughness, and a deadly backswing are just a few! But there’s one that’s almost universally ignored at recreational tennis courts and that is -- the equipment advantage!


Every tennis expert and professional you know of is a shoe expert, a racquet expert, and a gear expert. Because when two players are roughly equal in skill, tennis gear decides the winner.


We Put All Tennis Gear Through Its Paces – So You Can Get The Best Tennis Shoes (and More)


At Tennis Kicks, we know the average person can’t afford to try 20 or 30 different shoes to pick the best ones! Plus, you typically don’t have an accessible tennis court for testing out your shoes at sports department stores.


That’s why we put all of the gear on our site through its paces and determine the strengths and weaknesses, the winners and the losers -- and then we give you unbiased, straightforward tennis shoe reviews you can trust.

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